Research Core Business Services

Research Core Business Services was established in 2014.  Our goals are to provide financial data and administrative assistance to ten core facilities with a broad range of activity to support the research enterprise.

Our Staff:

Stacy Williams-Wright, Divisional Budget Director
Focus areas: Financial and administrative oversight of research core business service staff and services.


Melodi Jayne, Business Manager
Focus areas:  Financial and administrative management of research core business service staff and services.


Mark Adams, Accounting Technician
Focus Areas: Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR), Genomics and Cell Characterization Facility (GC3F), Technical Science Administration (TSA).


Stephanie Deutschman, Accounting Technician
Focus Areas: Animal Care Services (ACS), Aquatic Animal Care Services (AqACS), Histology & Genetic Modifications (HGeM), and The Greenhouse.


Diana Alderette, Office Specialist 2
Focus Areas: Lewis Center for Neuroimaging (LCNI) and Bowerman Sports Science Clinic (BSSC).


Becky McGowen, Buyer 1
Focus Areas:  HPC and purchasing for all Cores.


Luke Lundstrom, Our Student Office Assistant, can be reached at
Focus Areas: Support to business managers.