Research Core Facilities' mission is to advance transformative excellence in research, innovation and graduate education.  As part of that mission the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation recognizes that faculty research success is often dependent on specialized facilities that provide access to a particular type of research capacity, such as equipment, material, data acquisition, data analysis, consultation or expertise, and other services.

The Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon (CAMCOR) pioneered a shared, organized and sustainable approach as the first research core facility of its kind at the University of Oregon.  It provides cutting edge physical science tools and expertise to internal faculty/staff/student and external entity users to enable outstanding research and innovation.  

In addition to CAMCOR, there are eight additional core service units that research core business services supports including Aquatic Animal Care Services (AqACS),  Genomics and Cell Characterization Core Facility (GC3F), Greenhouse Facility, Lewis Center for Neuroimaging (LCNI), Histology and Genetic Modification (HGeM), Research Advanced Computing Services (RACS), Technical Science Administration (TSA), and Terrestrial Animal Care Services (TeACS).  Please see our Facilities page for more details.

How to Use Core Facilities

Our services are organized to make it easy for the community, investigators, students and staff to locate technologies and services.

  • For more detailed information on services provided by a unit, such as how to prepare samples or arrange for training, investigators should contact the director of the relevant resource.
  • Researchers and staff are encouraged to collaborate with core business staff in the earliest stages of planning.